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Tamila – The birth of new revolution; A journey of 10 years filled with Trusts, Adventures, Memories, Inspirations, Love and Achievements. first began by the initiative to separate the chatspace in Tamila.Org which was running under Chatango. IRC chatting experience was recreated through Tamila.Org’s Chatango; a free live chatspace to enable people to chat with their friends but the features in Chatango was limited. The improvement initiative brought about the idea to open with an improved Visichatplatform and later Flashchat. Tamila.Org grew by leaps and bounds to furthering its venture into a new chatspace platform; Visichat. This measure separated Chatango from Tamila.Org and Tamilachat.Org which uses Visichat as the chatspace platform was born. On 2013, Tamila chat took another step ahead by using Flash chat as a new platform which comes with comes with breakthrough mobile chat, video and voice technologies features which give the chatters a real and natural experience like never before.Tamilachat is populated by friendly chatters and is an excellent choice for new chatters where they can liven up their chat with their customized profile, emoticons, private voice and webcam chat. Other features in the new Flash chat platform include Social Connect, Mobile Chat Apps, Virtual Gifts and Flash games.

Tamilachat.Org is a FREE Malaysia Tamil Chat Room with over 800 unique visitors daily and with an average of 25-30 chatters per hour from MalaysiaIndiaSingaporeUnited Kingdom,Europe and United States is an ever growing Malaysian Indian Online Community and an exclusive part of Tamila Networks.